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Data Centres

Data Centres

What is a data centre?

A data centre is a dedicated space where companies can keep and operate most of the ICT infrastructure that supports their business. This would be the servers and storage equipment that run application software and process and store data and content. For some companies this might be a simple cage or rack of equipment, for others it could be a room housing a few or many cabinets, depending on the scale of their operation.

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A Data Centre is a dedicated space where companies keep and operate their ICT infrastructure.

Companies need Data Centres when their Connectivity, Applications and Continuity requirements become business critical.

Some companies locate their Data Centres in-house. Others use an external facility belonging to a 3rd party. Companies want flexible and scalable ways to manage their ICT infrastructure. Using an external Data Centre can help a company stay in control, reduce costs, improve application performance, manage risk and regulation, enhance security and continuity, and focus on their core business.

A carrier-neutral Data Centre gives independent access to the widest choice of connectivity via fixed and mobile carriers, content distribution networks, internet service provider and internet exchanges.

The companies providing these services form a connectivity hub, competing within their area of expertise to deliver the best performance, service and price.

Interxion has over 30 state of the art Data Centres across Europe. They deliver a consistent high quality experience, with a cage, rack or room to suite customer needs, a wide range of power connections, cost effective cooling, advanced fire and water detection systems, multi-layer security and a wide choice of connectivity. All designed with full redundancy.

We create communities of interest within our Data Centres. Companies collocated near to each other have the opportunity to connect and transact together more profitably.

We already have thriving communities for companies working in Financial Services, Communications, Digital Media, Cloud Services, Enterprise and Systems Integrators.

More than 1300 customers trust us with their Data Centre needs. Our expertise has been recognised by awards and accreditations. We help customers by reducing the cost of ownership and improve their performance and we’re committed to sustainability and using 100% renewable energy wherever possible.

Interxion is the leading provider of cloud and carrier-neutral data centres across Europe.

The space will typically have a raised floor with cabling ducts running underneath to feed power to the cabinets and carry the cables that connect the cabinets together.

The environment is  controlled in terms of areas such as temperature & humidity, both to ensure the performance and the operational integrity  of the systems within. Facilities will generally include power supplies, backup power, chillers, cabling, fire and water detection systems and security controls.

Data centres can be in-house, located in a company’s own facility, or outsourced with equipment being colocated at a third-party site. Outsourcing does not necessarily mean relinquishing control of your equipment – it can be as simple as finding the right place to house that equipment.