Cross Connect Order Form

Interxion Science Park

What is a Cross Connect? A Cross Connect is a physical connection between the Ordering Customer (A-Side) and a Connected Customer (B-Side) inside the Interxion premises as described in the agreement entered into by Interxion and the Customer ("Agreement").

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A-Side (Ordering Customer)

B-Side (Connected Customer)

a) The Ordering Customer shall complete all required fields before selecting Submit.

b) The Ordering Customer shall provide a Letter of Agreement / Authorization (LOA) or other confirmation of the Connected Customer's (B-Side).

c) Upon receipt of this form, Interxion shall complete additional information, including pricing and notice about Delivery Date, and provide the final Cross Connect Order Form (CCOF) back to the Ordering Customer for final acceptance and signature.

d) Upon receipt of the signed CCOF, Interxion will install a Cross Connect pursuant to the CCOF.

e) The installation time of the Cross Connect is approximately 10 business days once the Ordering Customer has accepted the CCOF.

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