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Sylvia Palden

Country Marketing Manager & Business Development Cloud

Sylvia Palden leads the Marketing Department of Interxion since September 2013

As a member of the local management team, she is responsible for the optimal positioning of Interxion Austria in an international alliance and strategic brand development. Sylvia Palden amplifies the domestic Interxion team in the development of the Vienna data center as a leading cloud and connectivity hub, which not only services the customers in Austria but also in CEE.

Prior to joining Interxion, Sylvia Palden worked at Hutchison Drei Austria and Orange, where she was Group Leader for Business Marketing and Group Leader for Lifecycle Management. Other career highlights were Sky Television and Philips Medical Systems.

Through the professional background in different industries and her MSc in "General Management" and her Executive MBA in "Media Management" Sylvia Palden has extensive expertise in the creation and implementation of strategic and targeted marketing- and sales concepts.

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