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Peter Moebius

Managing Director

Peter Moebius has been working in the Swiss telecommunications market for almost 20 years. He served as Country Manager and Vice President of Orange Business Services until 2011, before taking charge of the International Business Development division as Vice President last year. He has always been driven by the fascination that nothing changes the working world as quickly as modern IT technology.

His many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the Swiss market will be of great value as Interxion continues its customer-led expansion across Europe.

Moebius is both a strategist and a man of action and Interxion is pleased to have him on board. He has an in-depth understanding of Interxion's requirements and is highly motivated to develop new business models in line with current trends and to build customer communities, thereby driving the continued growth of Interxion in Switzerland.

Peter can be contacted on peterm@interxion.com

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