Data Centres at the Heart of Tomorrow’s Smart Cities: Webinar recording now available



Our recent webinar details how IT infrastructure will play an integral role in tomorrow’s “smart cities.” Ian McVey, Director of Marketing and Business Development, concludes that, with the advent and growth of big data trends such as BYOD and The Internet of Things, the data centre will only serve an increasingly important role in the future.

In 2013 the number of devices connected to the internet surpassed the population of the Earth for the first time in history.  With the vast amount of data created from all these devices, businesses need to proactively address this growing demand. In emerging markets where cities and urban development is expanding rapidly, IT systems are new, shiny and sexy.  Built in the big data age, these new cities are being built to be future proof and designed for the digital age.

Incumbent cities, such as London, often have businesses which have been in the same office for decades, whose legacy IT infrastructure may be outdated and strained, but still functional. We predict a rip and replace phenomenon with these current powerhouse cities. As enterprises are still reluctant to invest in new IT architecture, due to lingering fears from the financial recession, they risk falling behind the times and becoming obsolete.

To learn more about the role of the IT architecture in the future of smart cities, listen to the recording of our webinar.