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Bigstep - Interxion Rides The Two Biggest Trends In IT

Bigstep is currently the world’s only cloud company that focuses exclusively on big data and performance for big data. The London-based firm that was founded at the end of 2013 is fully dedicated to providing professional analytics solutions to companies of all sizes. More specifically, Bigstep enables businesses to get started with a production-ready big data environment in only a few clicks, all in the Full Metal Cloud, the world’s highest performance cloud built specifically for big data. 

The Challenge

The Full Metal Cloud from Bigstep is optimized from the BIOS and firmware level to deliver higher performance for big data. The hardware is optimized to deliver the maximum possible performance for a certain type of software. “If you install Hadoop and are running the real–time query Impala, you get great performance and you can also scale instantly, just like you would in a virtualized cloud,” explains Ioana Hreninciuc, Commercial Director of Bigstep.

After talking to several other vendors, Bigstep started working with Interxion as its dedicated partner. It rolled out its German presence because it has German customers in the field of gaming, production, analytics, mobile, and other areas. The starting phase of implementing the Full Metal Cloud began at Interxion’s data centre in Frankfurt. Interxion provides the core infrastructure for Bigstep’s servers, as well as floor space, power, cooling and, if necessary, maintenance for security.

“Being a new cloud company, we need to expand our presence and be very nimble. Furthermore, we are very much demanddriven, so we need a partner who can provide reliable data centre services and arrange for very quick rollout when we need it,” notes Hreninciuc. She is also convinced that Interxion will continue to benefit from the fact that it understands the cloud business and the collaboration with cloud companies. “Interxion offers us just the right amount of flexibility and understands how we engage our vendors,” she notes.

Interxion has been very professional in their relationship with us. The company is very experienced and understands the special requirements and needs of a cloud company.

Ioana Hreninciuc Commercial Director

The Solution

Bigstep really appreciates the fact that Interxion understands its business model. The agreement that the two companies signed at the European level enables Bigstep to deploy infrastructure in any of their European locations immediately with a standard pricing level. This allows the company to have very rapid deployment when it sees demand from a new market. Frankfurt is the ideal starting point for Bigstep’s German presence and is currently the largest colocation centre. Because Bigstep focuses on big data and needs to transfer a lot of information back and forth, it is extremely important to be in a very well connected data centre. With over 500 connectivity providers, 20 European Internet exchanges, and most leading cloud and digital media platforms across its footprint, Interxion is considered by many to be the home of the Internet in Europe. For Bigstep, Interxion is the best place to be in Frankfurt. “The great thing about working with a top level provider like Interxion is that we didn’t have to compromise our quality. And that’s very important to us. Because we focus on big data, our customers care very deeply about where their data is hosted, procedures, quality standards, security standards and it is very important for us to have a reliable partner with a good standing in the market.”

Interxion gives Bigstep the speed of deployment it needs. After all, the company is demand-driven and is now capable of rolling out the Full Metal Cloud in any of their locations. “That might sound trivial, but it is very difficult to come up with the type of agreement we have. We benefit from the fact that we no longer need to negotiate again for every country and every location. After all, negotiating can take months. That is an amazing benefit for us,” Hreninciuc adds. Bigstep says it is also quite happy with Interxion in terms of quality for price. The quality and security standards have definitely met its expectations. Today, Interxion’s facility serves the German speaking, Nordic, and Central Eastern European regions.

The big data company is always adding new applications for very complex data environments. Bigstep tries to make it easier and more cost-effective to provide the best possible performance it can deliver to small, medium and large enterprises.

“With our help and Interxion’s infrastructure, an online business can understand its users better, decide what it should be doing and even be ready to run in 20 minutes. A gaming company, for instance, can analyse its customers’ actions and use predictive modelling to understand what makes users come back. You can then decide to send them a newsletter or voucher” the Commercial Director of Bigstep explains.

In summary, with the whole world going cloud and major cloud companies even building their own data centres, Interxion is obviously perceived as an agile, wellconnected and cloud-friendly data centre provider. After all, big data is a huge topic right now. So, if you can combine big data and the cloud, you are essentially riding the two biggest trends in IT,” Hreninciuc concludes.

About Bigstep

Bigstep is the only cloud provider dedicated to making professional analytics solutions accessible to companies of all sizes. The company enables businesses, large and small, to get started with a production-ready big data environment in just a few clicks, all in the Full Metal Cloud, the world’s highest performance cloud, purpose built for big data. Hadoop, NoSQL DBs, search and analytics engines achieve up to 500% better performance running on Full Metal compared to virtualized public clouds. Bigstep is headquartered in London and operates infrastructure in the UK and Germany. For more information, please visit