Case Study

TIG - A Secure, Connected London Location For TIG's Cloud Platform

TIG helps medium-sized enterprises with their IT transformation, providing an end-to-end service that spans professional services, managed services and cloud and connectivity. “We have one foot firmly in the new world but haven’t turned our back on the old,” says COO Adam Maurice. “Our customers trust us to make the cloud real for them. Colocating our cloud platform at Interxion’s secure, highly connected data centre helps us do that.”

The Challenge

Developers and other tech companies already make considerable use of the cloud, but TIG’s customers tend to come from sectors like legal, finance, accountancy and insurance, where cloud adoption is not yet so widespread. Many firms in these sectors continue to run critical apps on their own premises, often because of concerns about the security, availability and physical location of their data. By owning and operating its own fully managed multi-site cloud platform, TIG is able to give its customers the reassurance they need about cloud-based solutions. TIG’s primary platform is colocated at Interxion’s London data centre, which is protected by multiple layers of security and meets recognised international standards for information security management systems and business continuity management.

Our customers trust us to make the cloud real for them. Colocating our cloud platform at Interxion’s secure, highly connected data centre helps us do that.

Adam Maurice COO, TIG

The Solution

“Colocating our primary cloud platform at Interxion in London gives our customers peace of mind: many are based in or near the City and like to know their data is physically close by in a secure facility,” says Maurice. To enhance resilience, TIG replicates its cloud platform at another data centre elsewhere in the UK. This enables the company to offer a 100% availability SLA, while allowing its customers to meet regulatory requirements or corporate policy on data residency.

Another key concern for many of TIG’s customers is how to integrate the cloud with their current IT environment. Working with a managed services provider like TIG makes the process as straightforward as possible. TIG’s cloud platform is VMware vCloud Powered® and can connect easily to most virtual environments, making it quick to integrate a customer’s onpremises infrastructure with TIG’s cloud platform in order to create a hybrid cloud. A hybrid cloud lets a customer with high compute power requirements, such as a hedge fund, conveniently extend its processing capacity; or a customer that needs to store a large amount of historical information, such as a law firm, safely archive it.

Another typical use for a TIG hybrid cloud is to provide a backup or disaster recovery capability that’s more cost effective and faster to access than a hardware-based solution. If a customer needs to recover its data, it can rapidly restore it from the cloud or use the cloud version as a secondary site, and so minimise the interruption to its business. In all these scenarios, network connectivity is key: “There’s no point having your cloud in a place that’s hard to access,” says Maurice. Excellent connectivity is one of the main reasons TIG chose Interxion: “Interxion’s carrier-neutrality and central London location means there’s a wide choice of connectivity providers already present in the data centre, including many Tier 1 carriers. This makes it easy to provide our customers with the reliable, high-speed connections to our cloud platform that are vital to making efficient use of cloud services.” As well as being carrier neutral, Interxion is also cloud neutral. Maurice identifies this as a significant advantage: “With a thoroughly neutral data centre operator like Interxion, there’s complete clarity about what they do and don’t do,” he says. “Being cloud neutral means they don’t compete with us. Quite the opposite, in fact — they actively support their customers in developing their business by creating communities of interest and putting like-minded companies in touch with each other.” Within just a few months of TIG starting to colocate with Interxion, the two companies had developed a very good working relationship. “Interxion is a very collaborative partner, and always willing to help us in any way they can. It’s been a consistently positive experience and we see lots of potential for the future,” concludes Maurice.

About TIG

Customers rely on TIG to help them make the smartest technology investments and to provide support for their business infrastructure. TIG offers award-winning cloud services, unified communications and infrastructure solutions. Its breadth of professional services and managed services are what set it apart, helping customers shape their IT strategy and create the strongest technology platform for their business.