Interxion Channel Partner Program
Quarterly Update

Interxion is dedicated to working with key Sales Agents, through our strategic Channel Program.

We enable partners to successfully support and challenge their customers when expanding to Europe.

Getting Closer to Europe

It's become increasingly necessary for U.S. Headquartered companies to replicate application platforms in Europe.  Placing diverse data centrer infrastructure overseas is no longer optional - it's crucial for the success of enterprises.

Each city is unique.  Consider the performance, privacy and proximity implications when choosing the correct European location for your business.

Performance, Privacy & Proximity

Call me on +44 751 599 5809

Call me on +44 751 599 5809

Call me on +44 751 599 5809

New Customer

In Q1 2016, StorageCraft selected Interxion in Dublin and Frankfurt to host their cloud services for European Customers.

Through working closely with the US Agent and StorageCraft themselves, the local knowledge as well as the key facilities operated by Interxion were paramount in providing StorageCraft the solution they required.

When partnering with a data centre service provider, proximity and comprehensive critical deployment solutions were key elements. Interxion really understood our business, how we want to grow, and how their services can assist us as we roll out new products and services in this part of the world. We’re excited to be working with Interxion in the European market.

1Q Business Update

Business Growth.png

Recurring Revenue

Recurring revenue grows 12% year over year

Boost Revenue.png

Adjusted EBITDA

Adjusted EBITDA margin increased to 45.0% (1Q 2015: 43.9%)



Announced expansions in Marseille, Paris, Vienna, and Dusseldorf



Revenue Generating Space increased by 1,300 square metres to 80,400 square metres