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Find out why our high performance, fast connectivity, security and reliability has already attracted more than 1,500 customers.

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    Amaris Logo
    Arthur de Pauw, Technical Director at Amaris, highlights the financial services sector as a significant part of their business and speaks about the importance of having a large variety of connectivity options. Learn how Interxion meets these demands.
  • Cloud


    CloudGermany Logo
    Udo Wurtz, CEO at CloudGermany, houses applications such as back office systems and other customised applications in Interxion’s data centres. The community that Interxion provides was an essential element for him when choosing Interxion, along with a number of other factors. Learn more here.
  • Communications

    DE-CIX V1

    DE-CIX Logo
    Harald Summa from DE CIX explains how Interxion Frankfurt is at the heart of the connectivity cloud and gives his view on where he believes the internet will be in 10 years’ time.  Listen to hear what he has to say.
  • Communications

    DE–CIX V2

    DE-CIX Logo
    Harald Summa, CEO at DE CIX, focuses on how Interxion provides connectivity, coverage and community within their data centres and highlights how Interxion helps bring new customers to DE-CIX. Learn more by listening here.
  • Communications


    Equiduct Logo
    Peter Randall, CEO at Equiduct, says that connectivity, state-of-the-art facilities and expertise are the essential factors when choosing a data centre. Learn why he chose Interxion.
  • Cloud, About Interxion


    Fifosys Logo
    Mitesh Patel, Managing Director at Fifosys, discusses the importance of partnering with a data centre provider who offers the highest security and power resilience.Listen to what he has to say
  • System Integrators


    Imtech Logo
    Vladimir Mlynar, Director of Service Management at Imtech, talks about the need for a data centre not only with a wide range of connectivity providers to deliver their cloud services, but one with the security and expertise to provide the highest possible service to their customers. Hear how Interxion meets the challenge.
  • Financial Services

    Interactive Data

    Interactive Data Logo
    Rob Lane, European Business Manager for Trading Solutions at Interactive Data, talks about the importance of having a data centre partner that can provide a diverse financial community and world class connectivity options.
  • Cloud


    Internap Logo
    Paul Vian, Director of Business Development at Internap, explains the importance of the highest levels of connectivity to his company.  Learn how Interxion meets these demands.

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