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Arthur de Pauw, Technical Director at Amaris, highlights the financial services sector as a significant part of their business and speaks about the importance of having a large variety of connectivity options. Learn how Interxion meets these demands.

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    • [Instrumental]
    • Arthur de Pauw, Technical Director, Thales IS
      My name is Arthur de Pauw I’m working for Thales IS Austria as a Technical Director. My company is mainly focused on mission critical outsourcing and in the last about two years we are focusing more and more on cloud computing delivering infrastructure, software and platforms as a server.
    • Interxion
      What applications do you run in the Interxion Data Centre and are they real time sensitive?
    • Arthur de Pauw
      The main application we are running in the Interxion Data Centre is infrastructure as a server where we are hosting servers and servers for our customers, as a large part of our customers are in the financial sector, you can imagine that this is very real time sensitive, you need good connectivity into the systems.
    • Interxion
      How important were coverage, connectivity and community in your choice of Data Centre and what are the benefits of each?
    • Arthur de Pauw
      A very important factor is connectivity, we don’t want to have just one ISP or one Telco Provider to be available at a hosting location, actually it goes so far that you really would say that if an ISP or Telco Provider is not at Interxion that we are hosting, we probably won’t do any business with them.
    • Interxion
      What benefits do you derive from the 3Cs?
    • Arthur de Pauw
      From Connectivity point of view it’s easier, the more ISP’s and more Telco’s are on location, the more competitive the prices will be which means in the end we get our lines and connectivity cheaper which we can turn pass through to our customers making us more competitive. For the community we are doing several times in the last few years events to get together with Interxion be it the hosting of the Euro Cloud event where we were able to through Interxion to reach out to large customer base, or also the Feta in Vienna which is a large community there as well which we could reach out with the help of Interxion.
    • Interxion
      Coverage- Low latency access to the largest population of European businesses and consumers of any carrier-neutral data centre operator.
      Connectivity- The best connected environment of any data centre operator in Europe.
      Community- Access to a range of profitable customer communities of interest.