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  • Harald Summa, CEO, DE-CIX
    Today the Interxion Frankfurt facility is in the heart of what we call a connectivity cloud … that means as we are talking about cloud services for computer applications that will also be cloud services in the Telecommunications world and Frankfurt with Interxion is part of this large communication cloud which has a certain gravity to the market. That means because of the customers that are already within the facility of Interxion, more and more customers will come to Frankfurt, more and more customers will join DE-CIX and this will be one of the largest possible exchanges that you can foresee in the future. Today we already switching more than one and a half Terabit per second and we envisage a growth of more than 400% over the next three years. That means that there will be a lot of traffic within Frankfurt, there will be even more traffic within Interxion and the more traffic there will be the more customers will come and take part in this business.
  • Interxion
    What will the internet look like in 10 years’ time?
  • Harald Summa
    This was a question that I asked myself in 1990 when I first got to know the internet and I said “I don’t know” and in 1995 the same question came up again and also had to answer “no I don’t know”. Today in 2011 I would say that we will see that almost any part of our life will be included with the internet or into the internet or vice versa. I think that there will be no application without internet in the normal day-to-day business as well as the communications of machines. So what does this mean to us? We will see DE-CIX as part of a huge inter-connection cloud and I would say that our traffic in 2020 will be something around 200 Terabit per second we will see.

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Connectivity- The best connected environment of any data centre operator in Europe.
Community- Access to a range of profitable customer communities of interest.