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“Interxion offers a perfect marketplace with a very rich set of customers and a very good community which is also a nice asset for running an Internet Exchange point and having contact with a lot of interesting people and services.” 

Christian Panigl, Team Leader, Vienna Internet Exchange (VIX)

INEX Logo “Interxion has been more than helpful at every stage of the process and has been incredibly supportive of INEX. As a not-for-profit organization that is important to us. Moreover, the advantage of locating equipment at Interxion’s Dublin facilities is that many current and prospective INEX members are also based there. This has a direct business benefit for INEX, as the ability to attract new members allows them to keep lowering their membership charges.”

Eileen Gallagher, head of marketing and membership development at INEX



“DE-CIX, one of the largest exchanges in the world, runs switches in the Interxion facilities – we have about eight switches right now, and there are about 250 networks directly connected to these switches. Almost any internet traffic that is going to Germany is running through these switches. I think there is no other city, no other facility in Germany that is better connected to the telecommunications world than the Frankfurt facility of Interxion.
To do business in the Internet without community in the background doesn’t work. You need to have the connections into lots of countries, lots of business, lots of interesting people to be successful and I think Interxion are doing a really good job in organizing their community.”

Harald Summa, CEO at DE-CIX