A secure home for your IT systems

Industry-leading security and reliability

Data Centres


Colocation in state-of-the-art data centres

Maintained around the clock by our experienced and highly trained technicians, our state-of-the-art data centres deliver reliability and performance to the highest industry standards.

All 42 data centres are built and operated to the same exacting designs and processes, ensuring you receive a consistent and high quality experience in all our European locations.

We provide:

  • A wide range of power connections with full backup
  • Cost-effective cooling
  • Advanced fire and water detection systems
  • Multi-layer security to protect your data
  • All data centre Information Security Management and Business Continuity Systems are certified for ISO 27001 and ISO22301

For more details about facilities at each of our data centres, visit our country location pages.

Cabinets, cages, suites and private rooms

Our solutions cater for your specific needs and budget with configurable cabinet, cage, suite and private room options.

Regardless of the colocation solution you choose, you can minimise your investment now and scale up when you're ready.

Cages and cabinets are provided in a shared space.  Cabinet space offers a dedicated footprint where you can install your equipment in the data centre. These walk-in cabinets are in a shared area alongside those of other customers, maximising the use of available space. Each cabinet has a dedicated power feed, provided from a shared power distribution system. You can install your own cabinets or purchase them from us.

A cage provides you with your own secure space within a shared colocation area.  Cabinets can be placed inside cages for added security. You share climate control, fire suppression system and power distribution with other customers.

Suites and private rooms provide dedicated space for increased security and can be tailored to your specific requirements.
A suite is similar to a cage. It is located inside a shared fire suppression and climate-controlled area in the data centre, and is separated from other customer areas by enclosed walls. Power is supplied in suites from dedicated PDUs and access control systems are exclusive to your suite for extra resilience.

A dedicated private room is separated from other customer areas by enclosed walls. Power supplies from PDUs, cooling, access control and fire suppression systems are exclusive to your room for extra resilience.


With data centre power usage rapidly increasing, the availability of power is a growing priority for many companies.  We deliver expertise in all areas of power delivery and management.
Every data centre offers:

  • High power availability with N+ 1 backup generator and 2N UPS to ensure maximum availability
  • Most data centres also have redundant grid connections
  • We offer industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) of up to 99.999% availability on power

The following power options are available, although local regulations may dictate some variations:

  • AC power voltage 230v or 400v (32 or 64 amp)
  • AC 230v power breakers (16 or 32 amp)
  • DC power voltage: 48v, DC power breakers of various sizes

We can provide high density power as required for more demanding computing applications.

Cooling for optimum performance

  • All equipment is maintained and monitored in a climate-controlled environment
  • The average room temperature is controlled at 24°C ± 5° and a humidity level of 50% ± 10%. Multiple air conditioning units provide redundant capacity
  • We have SLAs on temperature and humidity in line with ASHRAE recommendations, and the whole facility is monitored 24/7
  • Cold aisle containment is used to manage increased heat densities and cooling costs and can reduce the overall cooling overhead by as much as 30%. This is more efficient than hot aisle cooling solutions and is an effective method of eliminating data centre hot spots

Multiple layers of security

Our data centres are typically designed with five layers of physical security.  They are effectively ’buildings within buildings’. Features to protect your equipment and data include:

  • Trained security staff on site 24/7 and premises are monitored by video surveillance cameras
  • All building areas are secured by an alarm system
  • No one enters or leaves without proof of identity and all visitors are checked against customer-defined access lists
  • State-of-the-art security systems include proximity cards, biometric readers and mantraps
  • Customers can also design their own security process in private zones

Energy efficiency

  • We’re committed to the use of sustainable energy such as free cooling, ground water cooling and waste heat re-use
  • For energy-efficient cooling, our data centres provide a climate control system N+1 configuration as minimum, roof N+1 chillers and free air cooling, 2N chilled-water distribution system, and customer CRAC units in N+1
  • Continuous monitoring of our environments helps us to improve efficiency
  • We employ a phased modular architecture to optimise power usage effectiveness, and we operate to the highest energy efficiency standards

Water detection

  • Water detection systems are installed in all areas that may be susceptible to a leak
  • Alarms are relayed directly to our European Customer Service Centre