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Fast track to the cloud with Cloud Test Labs

Proven results demonstrate that cloud technology is not a passing trend, but an approach that delivers true business value. As your business considers the implications of cloud, you need to be sure that your plans to transition will yield the expected benefits of agility and scalability, at the same time as being secure, cost-effective and meeting performance targets.

What is a Cloud Test Lab?

Our Cloud Test Labs have been specifically designed to help your organisation accelerate the benefits of moving to a cloud-based infrastructure. They are a virtual proof-of-concept environment within our data centres, where you can test different scenarios—risk free—and be confident of meeting the demands of the real world when you launch.

Our carrier- and cloud-neutral data centres are built for security, resilience and performance. You will get more realistic test results than you would using local hardware, meaning you have precisely the information you need to make an informed decision.

What are the key benefits of using a Cloud Test Lab? 

  • Ready-to-use proof-of-concept environment shortens the time-to-market for new cloud services
  • Free-of-charge test period helps reduce start-up costs
  • Easy access to industry-leading software, systems, connectivity and colocation capabilities frees you up to focus on your service development priorities
  • Optional instant deployment of your new services from the Interxion Cloud Hub accelerates delivery to your customers