Data Centres

Cloud Test Lab with Flexiant and Supermicro

Key benefits of Cloud Test Lab

  • Ready-to-use proof-of-concept environment shortens time to market for new cloud services
  • Free-of-charge test period reduces startup costs
  • Easy access to industry-leading software, connectivity and colocation capabilities lets you focus on your development and onboarding priorities
  • Highly connected data centre location gives you more realistic test results than using local hardware
  • Close proximity enables optional instant deployment of your new services from the Interxion Cloud Hub


The Flexiant Cloud Test Lab provides a ready-to-use demo and proof-of-concept environment that lets you showcase new cloud services and shorten the time to market. With free-of-charge access to Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator in a secure, highly connected Interxion data centre, you'll benefit from more realistic test results compared with using local hardware. You can also instantly deploy your new services from Interxion's Cloud Hub.

Get to market faster with Cloud Test Lab

Developing and testing new cloud-based solutions to meet customer demand can be costly and time consuming. Although you may have the resources to set up a test cloud environment on local hardware, it's unlikely to be realistic enough to give reliable results.

The Flexiant Cloud Test Lab, hosted at Interxion's secure, highly connected London data centre, provides a proof-of-concept environment for demonstrating and testing scenarios on Flexiant's Cloud Orchestrator platform.

You can use the Cloud Test Lab free of charge for a specified period to help accelerate development and carry out realistic testing of cloud services and virtualised environments. The Cloud Test Lab lets you focus on running the tests on the scenarios you want to see working, with no worries about troubleshooting installation or configuration problems.

Once the testing phase has demonstrated the feasibility of your solution, you can deploy Flexiant instantly for your own services via the Interxion Cloud Hub.

Why use the Flexiant Cloud Test Lab?

Use the Cloud Test Lab to try out Flexiant's capabilities, including:

  • Flexible self-service
  • Application blueprint
  • Metering and billing
  • Reseller functionality

Cloud Test Lab reference architecture

The Cloud Test Lab is built on a pre-configured reference architecture consisting of Supermicro servers and storage provisioned by Boston. Internet connectivity is enabled by GTT, a global telecom carrier and leading network integrator.

Flexiant’s Cloud Orchestrator makes building and managing your cloud effortless. Modular and API-driven, it provides a completely virtual orchestration and automation solution that makes it easy to integrate your cloud into existing IT management frameworks and offer cost-effective, on-demand, flexible cloud services to your clients. The software offers multi-hypervisor capability (KVM, Xen and VMware), extensive customisation and multi-currency billing features.