Data Centres

What Is A Carrier And Cloud-Neutral Data Centre?

A truly neutral data centre provider is one that is independent of the companies colocating in the data centre, does not compete with them in any way, and offers no packaged services as part of colocation. Customers are free to contract directly with the providers of their choice.

Interxion is carrier-neutral

We're entirely independent of any network provider.

Because we don't compete with them, a wide range of connectivity and communication service providers are attracted into our facilities.

For other businesses this means the widest choice of fixed and mobile carriers, ISPs, Internet exchanges, content distribution networks (CDNs) and others, all competing to deliver the best connectivity performance, service and price for their applications and content.

Because the providers already have their physical infrastructure in our data centres, it's quick and easy to access their services.

Depending on your business needs, you can opt to use multiple providers to build in redundancy and ensure resilience, or simply to get the right performance at the right price. As your needs change, you can move from one provider to another within the data centre with minimal disruption.

Interxion is cloud-neutral

We're also entirely independent of any hardware or software vendors and providers of IT services, whether traditional or cloud-based.

Because we don't compete with them and because they're attracted to the wide range of connectivity providers that we host, the result is that our data centres are also home to a wide range of IT service providers, including: public and private cloud platform providers, system integrators, managed hosting providers, software-as-a-service providers, providers of data and information services to specific industries, and providers of IT security, business continuity and consultancy services.

For any business wanting access to such services, our data centres effectively constitute a marketplace within a highly connected environment — again, all competing for your business and giving you the choice and flexibility to choose the right service providers at the right price. And because you're all in the same place, you can interconnect quickly and easily with low-latency Cross Connects that not only improve the speed and flexibility of doing business, but also reduce the costs.

Communities of interest

The attractiveness of our neutrality leads to the creation of communities of interest within our data centres. The data centre acts as a marketplace for companies to find one another.
Sector-specific companies derive benefit from being colocated close to one another as it provides them with the opportunity to connect and transact with other community members and customers.  We call these Communities of Interest “Hubs”.
Learn more about our Sector Hubs.

The Enterprise benefits of neutrality

  • Simple access to a marketplace of providers, enabling them to negotiate the best combination of price and performance to meet their needs
  • The ability to build redundancy and resilience into their solutions, for business continuity and disaster recovery purposes
  • The freedom to add or change providers as their business needs evolve with no need to physically move their infrastructure
  • The commercial relationships are completely separate from the colocation agreement so there is no tie-in to the data centre operator for these services
  • Simple enabling of a multi-sourcing strategy