Do Industry Standards Hold
Back Data Centre Innovation?

A DatacenterDynamics and Interxion Webinar


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Webinar: Squaring the circle – do design standards hold back data centre innovation?

11. Juni 2015
16.00 CET
DatacenterDynamics & Interxion


DatacenterDynamics & Interxion webinar: do design standards hold back data centre innovation?

Upgrading legacy data centres to handle ever-increasing social media, mobile, big data and cloud workloads requires significant investment. Yet over 70% of IT managers are being asked to deliver future-ready infrastructure with reduced budgets.

But what if you could square the circle: optimise your centre’s design beyond industry standards by incorporating the latest innovations, while achieving a significant increase in efficiency and still maintaining the required availability?

Join our webinar on 11th June at 3.00pm GMT (4.00pm CET) where Lex Coors, VP of Engineering at Interxion, Stephen Worn, CTO and Board Member at DatacenterDynamics and distinguished industry analyst Pim Bilderbeek of The METISFiles will share their insights.

Discussion topics include:

  • Save €millions on capex and opex – through advanced design and innovation
  • Realise major efficiency gains – while maintaining 9*8 statistical availability
  • Maximise compliance – with no impact on efficiency
  • Future-proof your data centre – within current budget limitations

Note: All attendees will also have access to the latest DatacenterDynamics and Interxion technical briefing paper: “Do Industry Standards Hold Back Data Centre Innovation?”

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