A safe home for your hybrid cloud solutions

Interxion is now offering space in the brand new CPH2 data center; opening the first phase of equipable space in April 2016.

CPH2 provides a future-proof foundation for your IT-infrastructure strategy giving access to leading networks, cloud suppliers and internet exchanges. 

Take a look and see what the Copenhagen datacenter campus will look like.

Have a look.

Maintained around the clock by our experienced and highly trained technicians, our state-of-the-art data centres deliver reliability and performance to the highest industry standards.


Interxion’s data centres are built and operated to the same exacting designs and processes, ensuring you receive a consistent and high quality experience.


The data centre Information Security Management and Business Continuity Systems are certified for ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and SOC2.

Space Available


Cabinet - Full & Half

Securely operate and maintain your IT equipment and interconnections


Cage - Shared Area & Private

Floor to ceiling physical barrier for stringent access control, with custom dimensions.


Private Room

Fully customise your colocation solution.

Helping Systems Integrators – Scalable solutions


Scale Capacity

Room to grow in line with your customers’ needs and suited for multiuser access


Create cloud solutions

The perfect location for your customers’ private and hybrid cloud services


Realise big data’s potential

Low latency connectivity that speeds up information delivery

Sustainable IT Solutions with groundwater cooling

As a leader in the European data centre industry, we strive to set an example of environmental responsibility. At the Copenhagen location we take advantage of a brand new groundwater cooling system. The system contains two reservoirs, 70 metres below ground level, in subterranean limestone deposits. Water in the reservoirs is naturally cooled by the Earth to around 10-11°C. 

By pumping the cool water from one reservoir to the other through a heat exchanger in the data centre, the cooling capability of the water is exploited while simultaneously reducing load on the chiller. The reduced chiller burden results in an annual energy savings of more than 1,200 MWh. In addition to innovations in engineering and diligent operations for maximising energy efficiency, Interxion supports and consumes energy from sustainable and low carbon sources. 

At Interxion Denmark 100% power comes from sustainable sources.


We found Interxion to be the most professional company. We know where we stand with them – there is never a ‘no’ to any question. They always go the extra distance, there is a nice proactive element and they are happy to come forward with suggestions like ‘have you thought about doing it this way?’. The key word for me in regard to Interxion is professionalism.

The reason we chose Interxion was mainly its high flexibility and quality. But Interxion’s neutrality is also important for many of our enterprise customers, as it gives them the freedom to choose new suppliers in the future without having to go to the expense of relocating the servers,

We would doubtless have under- or overinvested, limiting our ability to grow or wasting money on idle assets. In contrast, we know that Interxion can always provide the right space and environment for every solution, exactly when we need it.