The largest carrier and cloud-neutral data centre of its kind, central to Vienna

Our Vienna carrier and cloud-neutral data centre provides the latest highly secure, scalable infrastructure for mission-critical IT systems, with a wide range of connectivity solutions. We offer over 4,700 m2 of maximum equipable space.

Conveniently located just a few minutes from Vienna city centre, our data centre offers communities of interest for companies across the cloud, digital media and finance sectors. It is a great place to make new alliances for revenue opportunities and lower costs.


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Welcome to Interxion. Interxion Vienna is located in the gateway to the East. Austria, Austria is an ideal location for companies across the cloud, digital media and finance sectors, to build new alliances, to build revenue opportunities with Eastern Europe and Russia. Vienna is a preferred destination for international companies for good reasons. It is rich, well-connected country supported by a powerful economy.

Sustainability is high on the national agenda, the focus on renewable energy, bio-fuels and energy efficiency. Vienna is one of the highest ranked marked cities in the world and Interxion Vienna leverages Austria’s first rate deliverable market as well as reliable, stable water and communication services. With access to over 100 carriers and ISP’s, Interxion Vienna is the best connected Data Centre in Austria, the gateway to the East. This is Interxion Vienna.

  • Prime and secure location
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Fully CCTV monitored


  • On-site security patrol – 24/7/365
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • Man traps


  • Biometric readers
  • Configurable space product solutions
  • Private suites, cages and shared roomsIndustry leading 99.999% SLA
  • N+1 ups redundancy
  • Robust power distribution
  • Full range of AC and DC power products
  • N+1 Generators
  • Minimum N+1 CRAC redundancy per room
  • Industry leading cooling infrastructure
  • Energy efficient chiller design
  • Cutting edge cold containment  design
  • VESDA (early smoke detection)


  • Gas fire suppression system
  • Proximity card readers
  • SLA based cross connects
  • Direct access to the VIX internet exchange
  • Over 100 carriers, ISP’s and CDN’s
  • Dual-entry fibre
  • Redundant monitoring from London’s European Customer Service Centre
  • Operational excellence
  • 24/7 facility and service monitoring


  • A growing community of carriers, ISPs, Internet Exchanges and other connectivity partners helps you reduce the cost of network access and improve performance
  • Access to almost 100 carriers and ISPs and direct access to the Vienna Internet exchange
  • Dual-entry fibre and SLA-based cross connects


We provide managed power with in-built resilience, allowing extra equipment to be added without outage. Features include:

  • 2N UPS redundancy
  • A full range of AC and DC output currents
  • High-density power configuration
  • N+1 backup generators supporting 60 hours at full capacity with high-speed refuelling
  • Up to 99.999% availability SLAs on power


  • This building is secured by 24/7 access control, CCTV and man traps
  • Our buildings typically have five layers of physical security
  • Trained security staff are on site 24/7
  • ISO and BS certified for information security management systems

Controlled Environment

  • Our entire facility infrastructure is monitored 24/7 in a climate controlled environment
  • World-class protection against fire through fire-retardant walls
  • Early warming laser smoke detectors (VESDA)
  • Direct lines to fire stations
  • Automatic gas-based fire suppression systems (INERGEN System)

Energy Efficiency

  • We’re committed to the use of sustainable energy such as free cooling, ground water cooling and waste heat re-use, but never at the expense of reliability and availability
  • Continuous monitoring of our environments helps us to improve efficiency
  • We employ a phased modular architecture to optimise power usage effectiveness, and we operate to the highest energy efficiency standards

Interxion Austria

Louis-Häfliger-Gasse 10
Objekt 50
1210 Vienna, Austria

Main: +43 1 290 36360

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