Learn about Belgium – an excellent place to do business, with a highly qualified workforce, speaking four languages.

Belgium has always been an important economic and business hub in Europe, and that’s especially true today. That makes it an excellent location to establish your European footprint.

With close proximity to the heart of European government and NATO, the city of Brussels has also been voted “Most commercially attractive city in Europe”.

Strategically located in the centre of Europe, Brussels has an excellent transport infrastructure that connects to all major European cities within a few hours.

Belgium is an excellent place to do business, with a highly-qualified workforce speaking four languages. Both domestic and foreign entities have the right to buy and sell interests in, or establish business enterprises. Taxation conditions are very good and it ranks third in terms of labour productivity in the EU.

When it comes to network connectivity, the capital is incredibly well connected, with all networks routing though the city.

  • Brussels

    Our state-of-the-art data centre is located close to Brussels city centre, and just 10 minutes drive from the airport.