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Brussels Data Centre - colocation services

    Our Brussels carrier- and cloud-neutral data centre provides the latest highly secure, scalable infrastructure for mission-critical IT systems, with a wide range of connectivity solutions. We offer 4,800m2 of maximum equipable space.

    Our data centre offers communities of interest for companies across the cloud, digital media and finance sectors. It’s a great place to make new alliances for revenue opportunities and lower costs.

    We’re conveniently located close to Brussels city centre and Brussels South railway station, and just 10 minutes’ drive from the airport.

    • Connectivity

      • A growing community of carriers, ISPs, Internet Exchanges and other connectivity partners helps you reduce the cost of network access and improve performance
      • We offer access to 65 carriers and ISPs and direct access to the BNIX and NL-ix Internet Exchanges
      • We provide dual-entry fibre and SLA-based cross connects.
    • Power

      We provide managed power with in-built resilience, allowing extra equipment to be added without outage. Features include:

      • 2N UPS redundancy
      • High-density power configurations
      • A full range of AC and DC output currents
      • N+1 backup generators supporting 24 hours at full capacity with high speed  refueling
      • Up to 99.999% availability SLAs on power
    • Security

      • Our buildings typically have five layers of physical security
      • Trained security staff are on site 24/7
      • ISO and BS certified for information security management system
    • Controlled environment

      • Our entire facility infrastructure is monitored 24/7 in a climate controlled environment
      • World-class protection against fire through fire-retardant walls
      • Early warning laser smoke detectors (VESDA)
      • Direct lines to fire stations
      • Automatic gas-based fire suppression systems (INERGEN System)
    • Energy efficiency

      • We are committed to continuously investigating efficiency opportunities such as free cooling as standard, ground water cooling, and waste heat re-use, but never at the expense of reliability and availability
      • Continuous monitoring and measuring provides information about the environment and enables identification of opportunities to improve efficiency
      • The flexible design allows us to meet customer needs with a scalable infrastructure model