Learn about Denmark – the world leader in clean tech, ICT and life sciences

Denmark offers access to lucrative markets including easy access to the entire European Union.

Denmark is among the world’s best locations for doing business. The World Bank ranks Denmark as the easiest place in Europe to do business. And the World Economic Forum ranks Denmark in the top ten of the most competitive economies in the world.

The country provides a highly qualified and motivated talent force.  Denmark ranks 16th in the world in terms of GDP (PPP) per capita and ranks 5th in nominal GDP per capita.  [As a country it has] easy access to the entire European Union and access to 100 million of the wealthiest consumers in the world. English proficiency is in the world’s top three. 4 out of 5 speak English and half the Danes speak German.

An attractive hub, Copenhagen Airport - the most efficient airport in Europe - is the main hub in the Nordic and Baltic region serving 140 destinations.  Denmark is a long-time leader in wind energy, and as of May 2011 Denmark derives 3.1% of its gross domestic product from renewable (clean) energy technology.  Denmark is a world leader in clean tech, ICT and life sciences.  20 percent of the electricity used in Denmark is generated by wind power. Danish companies control one third of the global wind market and are the first to exploit 2nd generation biofuels on a commercial basis.

The Danish ICT Cluster centers on an advanced high-tech society, featuring a world-class ICT infrastructure and the world’s most e-ready population.

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