Learn about the Netherlands – gateway to Europe with a state-of-the-art digital telecoms network and the largest internet hub in Europe.

The Netherlands has been called the Gateway to Europe for many reasons. It is an ideal location for pan-European operations with best-in-class workforce and infrastructure ready to help companies reach their European customers.

The Netherlands' strategic location, pro-business government, tax laws and labour force combine to make this an easy and cost-effective place to launch and expand your operations in Europe.

The transport infrastructure includes the busy Schiphol International Airport, excellent highway and rail connections to all parts of Europe and the largest port in Europe is in Rotterdam.

The Netherlands is also considered the information gateway to Europe. It ranks among the top EU nations for speed, quality and reliability of its cable and state-of-the-art digital telecoms network. The Netherlands contributes nearly one percent of its gross domestic product to its telecommunications and technological infrastructure, making it a European leader in technological investment. In addition, an expanding array of providers is helping to steadily decrease tariffs, further improving cost competitiveness.

The largest Internet hub in Europe can be found in The Netherlands. The government has been proactively stimulating the use of the Internet, putting the country at the forefront of European Internet access.

There is a very high percentage of multilingual Dutch people and many have a working knowledge of English. Motivated and well-educated, the workforce is flexible and responsive to ever-changing market conditions and trends.

The Netherlands is highly ranked in terms of energy infrastructure, fresh water transport, gas infrastructure and telecom networks.

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