Learn about Spain – the global leader in the development of renewable energy, from an industrial and technological perspective.

Spain enjoys a strategic position as an international business hub with access to a potential market of 1.25 billion consumers in Europe, Latin America and North Africa.
Spain is one of the best connected countries by land, sea and air, both internally and externally, due to a highly developed infrastructure and communications network.

Spain has one of the best infrastructures in Europe, both in quality and extension, due to the biggest investment project undertaken in Europe during the last few years, with investments of over 250,000 million Euros programmed in the infrastructure plan 2005-2020.

The ICT sector has experienced strong development in Spain in recent years, and has consolidated Spain’s position among the top five countries in the European market.
Investment and innovation in the ICT market has doubled in the last six year, with nearly 40% of private investment in R&D in Spain going to the ICT sector.

Spain is the global leader in the development of renewable energy, from an industrial and technological perspective.  Spain is the world’s largest producer of solar and thermal energy.  The second largest producer of photovoltaic energy in the world and the fourth largest producer of wind energy in the world, with 16.4% of the electricity demand covered by wind energy in 2010.

Silicon Alley Madrid Interxion is a founding partner in Silicon Alley Madrid, an association of technology and telecommunications networks enterprises.

This association was born in the Madrid district of San Blas-Canillejas, a former industrial area currently transformed in a tech zone, where near 200 companies from the ICT sector are located.

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    Interxion’s data centre in Spain is strategically located in Madrid within a hub of telecom networks and has high power availability.