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Madrid Data Centre - colocation services

    Our Madrid carrier- and cloud-neutral data centre provides the latest highly secure, scalable infrastructure for mission-critical IT systems, with a wide range of connectivity solutions.

    Our facilities offer 4,800 m² of maximum equipable space with a capacity of 80,000 servers. We provide fault-tolerant and concurrently maintainable design.

    Our facility, conveniently located between Madrid airport and the city centre, provides customers with the latest secure, scalable infrastructure for their IT systems, along with a wide range of connectivity solutions.

    Our data centre is a 10 minute drive from both Madrid city centre and Madrid International Airport. 

    • Connectivity

      • A growing community of carriers, ISPs, Internet Exchanges and other connectivity partners helps you reduce the cost of network access and improve performance
      • Access to over 50 carriers and ISPs and direct access to the ESpanix Internet Exchange
      • We provide dual-entry fibre and SLA-based cross connects
    • Power

      We provide managed power with in-built resilience, allowing extra equipment to be added without outage. Features include:

      • 2x15 MVA redundant grid connection
      • 2N UPS redundancy
      • High-density power configurations
      • A full range of AC and DC output currents
      • N+1 backup generators supporting 24 hours at full capacity with 8 hour refuelling response time
      • Up to 99.999% availability SLAs on power
    • Security

      • This building is secured by 24/7 access control, CCTV and man traps
      • Our buildings typically have five layers of physical security
      • Trained security staff are on site 24/7
      • ISO and BS certified for information security management systems
    • Controlled environment

      • Our entire facility infrastructure is monitored 24/7 in a climate controlled environment
      • World-class protection against fire through fire-retardant walls
      • Early warning laser smoke detectors (VESDA)
      • Direct lines to fire stations
      • Automatic gas-based fire suppression systems (INERGEN System)
    • Energy efficiency

      • We are committed to continuously investigating efficiency opportunities such as free cooling as standard, ground water cooling, and waste heat re-use, but never at the expense of reliability and availability
      • Continuous monitoring and measuring provides information about the environment and enables identification of opportunities to improve efficiency
      • The flexible design allows us to meet customer needs with a scalable infrastructure model
      • As a standard we provide cold aisle containment systems to our customers