LON2: An ideal home for your applications infrastructure

A carrier-neutral data centre providing the latest, secure, scalable infrastructure for mission critical IT systems


Located in the heart of the City of London and powered by 100% renewable energy, Interxion’s LON2 carrier-neutral data centre is an ideal home for your business critical applications. The site provides the latest secure, scalable infrastructure for mission critical IT systems, offering over 50 carriers and direct access to LINX and LONAP Internet Exchanges. Through Interxion’s digital, financial, cloud and carrier communities’ customers are able to benefit from shared infrastructure, developing mutually beneficial relationships and providing access to a marketplace of suppliers to more efficiently, develop launch and manage new services and applications.


  • 1,500m2 of maximum equipable space
  • 7 miles from City Airport
  • 25 miles from Heathrow Airport
  • Ten-minute walk from Liverpool Street underground and overground public transport links
  • Fault-tolerant and concurrently maintainable design


  • Dual-entry fibre
  • SLA-based cross connects available to all other London customers
  • Access to more than 50 carriers/ISPs and other network providers
  • Direct access to LINX and LONAP Internet exchanges


  • 8 MVA redundant grid supply
  • Up to 99.999% availability SLA
  • 2N UPS redundancy
  • N+1 backup generators with 24 hours worth of fuel on site plus a 4 hour refuelling SLA
  • Full range of AC and DC output currents


  • Trained security staff on site 24/7
  • Multiple physical security layers including CCTV, proximity cards, man traps and biometric readers
  • 24/7 controlled access
  • ISO 27001-certified information security management systems

Controlled Environment

  • Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (HSSD)
  • FM200 gas fire suppression system
  • SLAs on temperature and humidity in line with ASHRAE recommendations
  • Minimum N+1 CRAC redundancy per room
  • Entire facility infrastructure monitored 24/7 (Chiller, CRAC, Fire Panels, Generator, UPS, transformers etc.)


  • Shared rooms, cages and private suites
  • Remote hands-and-eyes: 24/7 installation and maintenance
  • Full range of Interxion connectivity, management and backup services
  • Extendable to over 31 data centres across Europe via a single service contract

Energy Efficiency

  • Operated to the highest energy efficiency standards
  • Chillers with free cooling
  • CRAC Units with pressure-controlled fans ensuring 20-25 PA at all times
  • Powered by 100% renewable energy

Customer Support

BS 25999 Certification - British Standards Institution (BSI) standard for Business Continuity Management. ISO 27001-accredited European Customer Service Centre (ECSC) provides support in 11 countries to the same rigorous standards:

  • 24/7 facility and service monitoring
  • Multilingual response (English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch)