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Cloud computing continues to represent one of the fastest growing technology sectors with new trends such as Hybrid Cloud driving further growth opportunities for Cloud Service Providers. However, research has shown that whilst enterprises want to take advantage of the flexibility, scalability and cost savings of the public cloud they are uneasy about migrating further workloads due to concerns around security and connectivity.    

Research has shown that enterprises value the importance of building trusted advisory relationships with service providers that can help them benefit from the flexibility, scalability and cost savings of the public cloud but with the security, performance and compliance guarantees their business needs. 

At Interxion we aim to help cloud service providers eliminate these concerns by establishing their services in Interxion cloud and carrier-neutral data centres, where they can take advantage of:

  • Scalable Cloud Hubs in 13 major European cities, designed to deliver the quality, flexibility and connectivity required for successful high-density cloud-based services
  • Thriving cloud communities who come together in these hubs to respond more quickly and cost-effectively to customer needs
  • Award-winning data centre operations providing the highest standards of performance, reliability and security
  • Cloud Connect, providing an aggregation platform for customers to achieve secure SLA based connections to multiple clouds.  Learn more about Interxion Cloud Connect

More than 350 providers of cloud-related services are growing their businesses in Europe by leveraging Interxion Cloud Hubs to deliver the quality their customers expect. Nobody provides a wider choice of connectivity providers and we’ve been driving innovation in data centre design, build, operation, management and customer service for more than 10 years.

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  • Service reach and quality: Europe’s widest choice of connectivity in state-of-the-art high-density compute environments
  • Faster speed to market: cross-connected communities, access to local knowledge and ready-made test environments
  • Lower networking costs: without compromising quality
  • Opportunities to grow: reliable scalability, access to thriving cloud and enterprise communities across Europe
  • A readymade marketplace of 1500 customers to promote your service to


  • High-spec, ultra-reliable, ultra-secure facilities
  • Predictable low latencies for live and real-time services
  • Easy reach to audiences in Europe, Russia, Turkey, Asia and the Middle East

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In the 8 years we’ve been working with Interxion, we haven’t had a single power outage or violation of the stipulated SLA’s. We are looking forward to working with Interxion to help deliver our new cloud offerings. - Imtech