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Helping cloud providers meet the challenges of today’s dynamic market

In the constantly evolving cloud market the challenge to stay relevant and meet the ever changing requirements of your customers represents a continual struggle. Infrastructure, Platform and Software as a Service providers are all locked in an increasingly competitive fight for service superiority and market share.

Software (SaaS) providers also face additional operational challenges around performance and understanding how their applications will perform in different environments and regions.

At Interxion we understand these challenges and have designed our data centres with you in mind.

Our scalable Cloud Hubs located in 13 major European cities deliver the quality, flexibility and connectivity required for successful high-density cloud-based services, offering:

  • Access to over 600 connectivity partners including Tier 1 networks, ISPs and top CDNs, as well the main European Internet Exchanges, enabling reduced networking costs and increased network resiliency.
  • Access to over 78% of Europe’s GDP enabling for easy expansion and growth opportunities throughout the region
  • Proximity to business and consumer centres enabling reduced latency and improved end user experience.
  • Access to a readymade marketplace enabling you to promote your services to over 1,500 customers
  • Access to 42 data centres across 11 countries enabling you to strategically locate your infrastructure and meet stringent data sovereignty laws

Learn more about our Cloud Hubs here.

Test your applications and platforms in realistic operating environments  

To meet the needs of software and service providers looking to test their applications and platforms in realistic operating environments, we also offer Cloud Test Labs.

These Cloud Test Labs are a proof-of-concept environment within our data centres, where you can test different scenarios—risk free—and be confident of meeting the demands of the real world when you launch.

These Cloud Test Labs offer a free-of-charge test period which helps reduce start-up costs and easy access to industry-leading software, systems, connectivity and colocation capabilities which frees you up to focus on your service development priorities, and shortens the time to market for new cloud services.

Learn more about the advantages of testing your applications in a Cloud Test Lab.





We pride ourselves on understanding our customers’ needs and providing the ideal platform for them to grow 

To build a successful cloud service you need a scalable high-density environment, of the highest quality and reliability, with great connectivity and reach. That’s exactly what the Interxion Cloud Hub

This partnership [with Interxion] will play a vital role in enabling us to deliver everything from desktop as a service through to online backup, with the guarantee of high service levels and the best possible uptime.

Interxion’s focus on helping its customers grow is a real differentiator. They foster thriving communities of interest and are always ready to facilitate partnerships.

Building and operating data centres to consistently high standards in multiple locations is far from easy, but Interxion does it very well indeed.