A practical guide to cloud onboarding


A Practical Guide to Cloud Onboarding

No IT department wants to launch itself into a cloud migration project without feeling confident that it can ultimately deliver a smooth, trouble-free switchover to a cloud environment.

The complexity of the migration process is a big part of why enterprises are hesitant about cloud adoption, despite being sold on the benefits of cloud delivery.

Many words have been written about why cloud migration should be considered, but very few have addressed the question how to migrate to the cloud. This whitepaper covers this particular topic and aims to provide a practical approach to adopt when onboarding applications or workloads to the cloud.

In this paper, we look closely at:

  • What cloud onboarding is and why preparation is so important
  • A description of the cloud onboarding process in seven steps
  • An overview of the three critical success factors
  • An explanation of why hybrid clouds are the new IT reality
  • Why neutral data centres are the ideal location for hybrid clouds and application onboarding


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