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Digital Media

The massive growth in online video, digital advertising, cloud media solutions, social media, online gaming and gambling is putting pressure on the very fabric of the Internet. It’s now paramount to deliver the highest levels of user experience to increasingly fragmented audiences  - audiences who consume in a market with many alternative and competitive choices. This means that where and how you deploy your IT infrastructure to meet these demands is critical.

As European specialists, Interxion works with the biggest global brands in digital media, traditional media, and cloud to help you put your infrastructure in the right locations in Europe, first time, to help you meet these challenges.

To ensure fast, reliable and scalable distribution of premium content, companies throughout the digital media value chain come together in Interxion’s state of the art data centres

You can find our latest Whitepapers on the Evolution of Video: "The role of cloud in content production and delivery" and "The challenges of IP TV and video delivery" here 


Interxion helps optimise your network connectivity to minimise latency, maximise performance and minimise content transport costs.

  • 600+ international and local connectivity providers (incl. the largest MSOs) across in 42 data centres across 11 countries
  • 21 Internet exchanges and the top 10 CDNs to optimise peering and content transit costs
  • Our marketplace of cloud service providers for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS


Securely distribute your content to reach audiences throughout Europe and beyond

  • Data centres located in all of the major European population hubs close to your audiences
  • We reach more than 78% of European GDP* and over 90% of European broadband subscribers
  • Access audiences and revenue in new territories without having to put infrastructure in multiple places. Reach Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, the Middle East, Africa and Asia via our gateway locations in Vienna, Stockholm and Marseilles.


No digital media company exists in isolation. It is a richly interdependent network and set of communities across the whole value chain.

  • Join our growing community of 200+ digital media companies across online video distribution and broadcast, social media, advertising, media services, gaming and gambling
  • Cross connecting to your service providers will help reduce your costs and increases the security and performance of your application


Ensure your content and applications are always-on and always available

  • Industry-leading performance and resilience; supporting live, real-time and interactive services
  • Our operational and technical excellence guarantees uptime and high performance, giving you the predictable low latencies you need