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Helping Enterprises Reduce Cost, Manage Risk and Provide A Platform For Growth

While change has become very familiar, the sheer pace of change today is putting enormous pressure on IT. Every technology choice must meet higher-than-ever business expectations for cost control, risk management, and a future-proof, scalable platform for growth and innovation.

At every turn there are so many opportunities and challenges to consider. Opportunities include the knowledge and mobility of technologically astute end-users as IT consumerisation continues, mining 'big data' for valuable business intelligence and leveraging cloud computing for business agility. But IT consumerisation also brings security challenges, legacy infrastructures creak under exponential data growth and decreasing budgets make it necessary to think in new ways to find the right solutions.

In the face of all this complexity, having a reliable, secure and scalable home for your IT assets can make a huge difference.

Our pan-European network of data centres provides a state-of-the-art environment to support your critical processes and service delivery. We secure and manage these facilities in a way that’s beyond what’s considered industry best practice, giving your business the performance and reliability it needs. Our European Customer Service Centre acts as a single point of contact for all your questions and requests for support.

Our 39 centres are some of the best-connected facilities you’ll come across. With more than 500 connectivity providers, you can choose the services and competitive tariffs that work best for your business.

We provide scalable solutions for space, power and cooling that grow with you—and in increments that align with your business plans so you never invest more than you need to and can always respond to demand.

You’ll find that other organisations like yours are already part of vibrant communities of customers within our data centres. The close proximity helps them exchange information and collaborate, realise mutual efficiency gains, and enhance or develop new offerings to reach new customers.

So whether you need to stabilise your base today or provide a future-proof platform for growth, we've got the right data centre solution for you.