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Interxion data centres provide you with a reliable, high-performing environment that will easily support your adoption of new IT service delivery models like virtualisation and cloud, and accommodate your growing data volumes.

For more than 10 years we’ve been setting industry standards in data centre design, build, operation and management to deliver continually improving reliability, resilience, efficiency and performance.

Colocating in one or more of our 13 European cloud and carrier-neutral data centre campuses gives you:


Reducing data centre costs is a key driver for using third-party cloud and carrier-neutral facilities. Cost savings are derived primarily from the economies of scale on offer. These include the ability to share specialist staff, such as network and facilities engineers; and reduced networking costs, because higher bandwidth is available at a lower price.

Our research shows that average European SMEs can expect to save 20%–50% of total data centre costs over ten years. Larger customers (building data centres up to 3,000m2) can expect to save 15%–25% of total data centre costs over the same period.