Private connection to AWS Direct Connect

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AWS Direct Connect - Via our carrier community

  • Available from all 42 data centres across 11 countries
  • Via AWS Direct Connect partners

 AWS Direct Connect allows Interxion customers to establish private connectivity between Amazon Web Services and their IT infrastructure via a range of AWS Direct Connect partners. 

  • Realise hybrid flexibility
    Maintain your private cloud for frequently accessed data and have the ability to access the Amazon public cloud for on-demand capacity supporting cloud bursting during peak business hours.
  • Secure your connection
    Bypass the Internet and use AWS Direct Connect to establish a private connection between your on-premise network and Amazon.
  • Reduce your bandwidth costs
    If you have bandwidth-heavy workloads, you can reduce your bandwidth commitment to your Internet service provider by transferring data to and from AWS directly.
  • Consistent network performance
    Latency over the Internet can vary. You choose the data that utilises the dedicated connection and how that data is routed which can provide a more consistent network experience over Internet-based connections.

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