The Rise of Hybrid IT

Research by IDG Connect and Interxion


The Rise of Hybrid IT

Today, a new approach to IT is emerging as organisations compute, store and distribute their data in new ways and locations. We are witnessing the emergence of the cloud computing era and the start of large-scale enterprise cloud adoption. 

Think of enterprise cloud adoption as coming in two waves, first small-scale, tactical and for certain applications, second, more workloads with large-scale platform and infrastructure-based services. The first wave has happened while the second is expected within the next 5 years. 

Organisations are mixing and matching IT deployment models and how those models are managed. The change is quite dramatic, with exclusive dependance on in-house data centres reducing quickly, as many companies are looking at alternatives such as cloud and colocation. 

To gain a better, empirical insight into these trends, Interxion commissioned IDG connect to survey 625 IT decision-makers across Europe about their current IT Infrastructure set-up and future plans. 

We found that:

  • Workloads are headed for hybrid approaches
  • Security and governance are the lead reasons for keeping workloads on premise
  • PaaS is gaining traction
  • Enterprises are going direct to connect data centres to the cloud
  • Security is the biggest fear over cloud connectivity
  • Cloud providers are the most used advisors on infrastructure strategy

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