The power of proximity

Data centres at the heart of the financial markets


Financial Services

Helping The Financial Sector Turn Change To Advantage

Uncertainty and regulatory changes characterise today’s financial sector. The economic and political landscape poses challenges, made all the more complex by a liberalised attitude to competition that opens the door to globalisation. Big data is making inroads within Financial Services as investment firms manage their risk real-time and retail banks and insurance firms look to exploit the explosion of digital customer data to better tailor their product. Furthermore, there’s regulatory pressure to increase capital and liquidity retention and comply with more stringent requirements for security, data protection and business continuity. Keeping a competitive edge has never been tougher.

The combination of these pressures requires you to increase business agility, by creating more cost-effective, flexible and scalable IT infrastructures. Achieving the required scalability in-house would require significant up-front and ongoing investment in non-core activities. Our data centres offer a highly secure alternative for you to host your systems and data in a state-of-the-art facility at the heart of financial markets across Europe, helping you to respond rapidly to change.

  • Better connected:  close proximity to customers, partners, more than 600 connectivity providers and 21 Internet Exchanges
  • High performance and reliability:  low-latency, high-speed connectivity and a well-managed, resilient and secure environment that’s underpinned by our SLAs for 99.999% availability
  • Cost effective:  Solutions that scale as your business grows, so you pay only for what you need and, thanks to a wide range of carriers and cloud providers, competitive pricing plans for you to choose from