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Helping Banks Secure Their Data And Stay Compliant

Banks are facing a tough economic and political climate and a fast-changing regulatory landscape. Consumer confidence is low, while the need to respond to competition from new industry entrants is increasing. The G20 reforms are forcing banks to adopt more stringent capital and liquidity retention policies and at the same time invest in IT infrastructure to ensure compliance with data protection and business continuity requirements. As banks across Europe look for ways to address these challenges, agility is a prerequisite for success.

At the same time technology advances not only offer an opportunity to increase competitiveness, but also to meet the challenge of ‘Big data’ head on - turning structured analysis of information into business value, harnessing high-performance computing and accelerating time to market, and harnessing the power of cloud technology.

When it comes to your IT infrastructure, it’s clear that cost-effectiveness, flexibility, scalability and security remain important attributes. With state-of-the-art data centres in 13 cities across 11 European countries, we provide the reliable and secure environment you need to stay agile and to keep your data safe. Our facilities are built to accommodate high-density configurations and meet the demands of high-performance and supercomputing environments and are located in close proximity to the main financial centres.

We offer scalable solutions to help you keep pace with demand and, because there’s no need to commit capital, you can more easily align expenditure with demand. We manage the space, power and cooling needs of your infrastructure, leaving you free to focus on the systems and processes that underpin your business. 

Our data centres offer direct cross-connection opportunities to a wide range of potential connectivity and business partners. Our carrier- and cloud-neutral status means you have a breadth of choice and flexibility in terms of sourcing your connectivity which can lead to a reduction in networking costs.

Our facilities also offer reliability and security that’s beyond industry standards. Each data centre provides comprehensive options for connectivity, power, cooling, backup, fire and water detection, and multi-layer security to protect the integrity of your data.

Our premises are physically secure and guarded to prevent intruders. We monitor our infrastructure to ensure it’s delivering the support you expect and makes a positive contribution to your ability to comply with emerging regulation.

Our services are backed by stringent SLAs for 99.999% availability. All data centre information security management and business continuity systems are certified for ISO 27001 and ISO 22301.

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