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Challenges In Insurance

Considerable volatility in the economic and political climate and resulting G20 regulatory change is putting pressure on life and non-life insurers across Europe. In Western Europe particularly, the market is maturing, and the take-up of insurance products is slowing. At the same time, consumers are expecting a richer experience and demanding access to information anywhere, anytime, through any device.

With so much change, making long-term commitments is a challenge – for ICT as much as it is for your other infrastructure investments. How do you weigh up the benefits of cloud and virtualisation, and how do you adapt your business operations and control total cost of ownership?

We believe that flexibility is the key, giving you the scalability you need to manage changing demands and capitalise on opportunities as you identify them.

The 42 data centres that we operate in 13 cities and 11 countries across Europe are built to the highest specifications to help you achieve compliance and adopt industry best practice. They provide a highly reliable and secure environment for your mission-critical systems and sensitive data.

Our services are backed by stringent SLAs for 99.999% availability. All data centre information security management and business continuity systems are certified for ISO 27001 and ISO 22301.

We offer scalable solutions to help you keep pace with demand and, because there’s no need to commit capital, you can more easily align expenditure with that demand. We manage the space, power and cooling needs of your infrastructure, allowing you to focus on the systems and processes that are core to your business.

Our data centres offer direct access to a choice of over 600 connectivity providers, allowing you to improve application performance at the same time as keeping your networking costs low.

Our data centres are built to accommodate high-density configurations and meet the demands of high-performance and super-computing environments.

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