For nearly 20 years we’ve been helping our customers increase their market share, transform the quality of their services and extend their reach into new markets. Today, the world’s leading businesses interconnect at Interxion.

Maximise Revenue Opportunities

Our Network-neutrality means we don’t offer connectivity services of our own that would compete with yours. We stick to providing colocation, cross connects and cloud access, leaving you to maximise the revenue opportunities in our facilities.

Grow Your Customer Base

  • 250+ Internet service providers
  • 20+ content distribution networks
  • # of the top 5 social networks
  • # of the top 5 OTT broadcasters
  • # of the top gaming platforms
  • 450+ cloud providers
  • 30+ mobile network operators

Call us on +800 00 999 222 to find out more about Connectivity at Interxion

Call us on +800 00 999 222

Call us on +800 00 999 222

Interconnection hub locations

Strategically locate your network PoPs along the major highways of the Internet - in metropolitan locations within close proximity to 80% of Europe’s GDP. Our facilities are also gateways to emerging markets and landing stations for major continental subsea cables.

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Internet Exchange peering

Join a thriving community of connectivity providers and Internet exchanges to exchange traffic for greater reach and improved network performance.
We’re home to 21 leading European Internet exchanges — increasing your options for exchanging Internet traffic as economically as possible — but don’t operate any ourselves, so our advice is always impartial.

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