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Interxion’s service combines four components that enable you to build a cost-effective, secure and high performance hybrid cloud architecture, managed by yourself or by your supplier of choice. 


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Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect is our bespoke cloud access service, enabling you to build and manage private, secure, high-performance connections to multiple clouds through a single connection.

It allows you to directly connect your private IT environment to the leading cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure.


  • Realise business agility
  • Secure your connection
  • Consistent network performance
  • Cost-Effective


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The Marketplace

The Marketplace provides you with an easy to use, online interface to hundreds of local and regional MSP’s and SI’s who deliver integrated solutions, covered by end-to-end SLAs, from our colocation centres.  

It allows you to identify and contact best-in-class service providers and leverage the range to negotiate the best terms and remain vendor-independent.


  • Flexible multi-sourcing
  • Avoid vendor lock-in
  • Interconnected within hours
  • Choice & flexibility


Network neutrality gives you the options to interconnect with your choice of 500+ NSP’s and 20+ IXP’s within our colocation centres.

You can connect to most accredited Microsoft, AWS and IBM Softlayer NSP partners within our colocation centres.

This allows you to cost-effectively connect the clouds to your corporate network.


  • Lower costs through competition
  • Easier and faster set up
  • Diversity
  • Vendor neutrality


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Colocation delivers the secure and reliable housing you need for your IT infrastructure in 13 cities across 11 countries in Europe.

All our data centres are built and operated to the same exacting designs and processes, ensuring you receive a consistent and high quality experience across Europe.

Certified for ISO27001 and ISO22301.


  • Reliable, scalable and secure
  • Peace of mind
  • Reduced risk
  • One European standard


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