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Why Interxion?

Cloud Hubs

Cloud Hubs

Our cloud communities bring together a wide range of hosters, infrastructure providers, hyper scale platforms, software providers and networks.

We call these communities of service providers and system integrators ‘Cloud Hubs’.  Located in our state-of the-art data centres across Europe, each Cloud Hub offers the perfect location to house and develop cloud services. 

These hubs offer fast and easy interconnection to other cloud providers as well as to the wide choice of carriers and ISPs within our data centres.

Based around major business and consumer centres for fast access to local markets, our cloud hubs provide an excellent gateway into European markets and beyond


Our cloud hubs are directly connected to over 600 carriers and 21 internet exchanges so you can reduce networking costs and improve performance by choosing the peering arrangements and cross connections that are right for your business.
This excellent connectivity enables cloud providers to deliver the best possible end user experience through quick response times of applications – key for both business and consumer applications.  You could have the best possible application in the world but if your end users experience poor response times, it damages customer perception, and ultimately impacts revenue.
Proximity to business and consumer centres also enables improved performance and reduced latency to end users. 

Secure, reliable, available

Our hubs are located within highly secure data centre facilities, with multi-layered security. We provide power with built in redundancy to support high-density computing and our sites are ISO27001 accredited. 

Seamless scalability and service

With our presence in 11 countries, we can support your business as it grows with flexible and scalable space, power and cooling. We make it simple with a single, consistent SLA across all countries, underpinned by 24/7 support from our ITILv3 accredited, European Customer Service Centre. 

Opportunities for growth

Proximity to other service providers in the value chain gives a choice of partners and opportunities to forge new joint revenue-making ventures. And crucially the cloud hubs also offer easy access to potential customers, either located in an Interxion data centre or easily reached via one of our connectivity partners.