Premium content demands premium performance

Pan-European content distribution from our data centres

Why Interxion?

Content Hubs

The digital media community

To help our digital media customers achieve the highest pan-European performance and reach, we host communities of customers from across the digital media delivery value chain within our data centres. These hubs provide the ideal environment for effective content aggregation, exchange, storage, management and distribution and the opportunity for you to interconnect with a growing community of content owners and distributors.

Closer to your audience

Our content communities are hosted in close proximity to 11 of Europe’s most densely populated markets, providing direct access to over 78% of European GDP and over 90 million broadband households 


We’re carrier-neutral, so premium content providers can select the right mix of connectivity providers, with direct single-hop access to all top CDNs, Tier 1 access networks and Internet Exchanges. This broad choice of connectivity options means that our customers can optimise their content distribution performance while building in diversity, resilience and redundancy. 

Secure, reliable, available

Hacking, piracy and service disruption are constant concerns in the digital content world. Our communities are located within highly secure data centre facilities, with multi-layered security. To help maintain availability we offer high density power configurations and redundancy as standard and our sites are ISO27001 accredited 

New revenue opportunities

We house a diverse range of digital media customers, including all top CDNs, online gaming platforms, gambling operators, video portals and streaming providers, broadcasters and media service providers.  Each community or ‘content hub’ provides access to potential new customers, partners or suppliers, and the basis for new business development and revenue growth opportunities