Marseille Campus

Gateway to EMEA & Asia Pac

Marseille is one of two locations we have in France. Its strategic importance derives from the submarine cables that connect directly into our campus giving direct access to extensive European and international markets.

13 Subsea Cables

130+ Carriers

4 IXPs

24/7 Support



Over the last three years Marseille has been the fastest growing interconnection hub in Europe. This has been driven by Marseille’s strategic role as the digital gateway between Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. Discover all the key facts about Marseille digital media content hub and the 13 submarine cable systems are land.

Cable Map 14112018.png

Cable Map

Markets across the globe are more interconnected thanks to new submarine cable networks. In particular, the AAE1 and SeaMeWe5 cables which both land in Interxion's Marseille Campus. These cables directly connect EU to Africa, Middle East and Asia, giving access to 4.5bn users and low latency time.


Marseille data centre campus

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However small or large your business, our Marseille data centre campus offers significant flexibility with regards to what you do with your space and how you extend your footprint.

The key services available include:

  • Colocation in Cabinets, Cages and Private Rooms
  • Rapidly installed Cross Connects
  • 24x7 Hands and Eyes dedicated support

The right connectivity

With points of presence of three leading internet exchanges, including France-IX, customers come to our Marseille campus for its unparalleled connectivity.

  • More than 130 carriers
  • Direct access to the France-IX, NL-ix, DE-CIX and NetIX Internet exchanges
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We are network-neutral and that means we’ll never compete with you for business. Instead we provide a state of the art data centre environment and it’s from here that you can offer your services to our colocated communities. This network-neutral environment is a marketplace. We facilitate those transactions, helping you to interconnect, transact and grow.

Gateway to EMEA and APAC

Wherever you invest with us, you’ll have the right connectivity for your business. Our Marseille campus is a gateway to emerging markets and a landing station for major continental submarine cables.

With access to 13 such cables, Marseille offers you a platform for extending your reach into new domestic, regional and international markets.

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Direct cloud access

Our Marseille campus is the ideal environment for interconnecting with the cloud and building your hybrid solutions. All the ingredients are there: the hyperscale public clouds, local cloud providers, network density, and interconnection services.

Direct access to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


Marseille Information

Interxion Marseille
40 Avenue Roger Salengro
13003 Marseille

T: +33 1 53 56 36 10


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