Reach EMEA & Asia Pac Eyeballs

In recent years, Marseille has emerged as Europe's fastest growing digital media hub. A direct consequence of the city's strategic role : a gateway between Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Extend your Reach

A single location to access a lively community of customers in emerging markets: 140+ connectivity providers incl. 30+ backhaul providers

140+ National & International Connectivity Providers

11 Leading CDNs & Digital Media Platforms

14 Subsea Cables (20+ by 2025)

4 Internet Exchanges

Leading Cloud Service Providers incl. AWS Direct Connect and Microsoft ExpressRoute


Call us on +800 00 999 222 to find out what value Interxion can deliver to your business 

Call us on +800 00 999 222

Call us on +800 00 999 222

Engage and Retain your Audience


Marseille Campus offers a reduced latency and large traffic capacity to improve your performance and user experience




Avoid lag and latency to offer the best gaming experience and reduce connectivity costs



Get exclusive content from Europe, distribute it to your local customers



Display your video ads through reliable and secure high speed bidding exchanges with colocated Interxion partners


Live Sports & Events

Ensure seamless availability and reliable website connection, support high volume of eyeballs during your seasonal events

Benefit from industry leading latency


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"At Yahoo, we are continuously improving our performance to serve more than a billion Yahoo users globally. We select strategic locations for our edge locations such as Vienna and Marseille, which gives us the ability to serve our users more reliably, faster and cheaper." said Mehmet Akcin, former Director, Yahoo Global Infastructure Planning and Acquisition Group.

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