Country - Germany

Falk Wieland - Director Operations

Falk Wieland

Director Operations

Falk Wieland has been Director Operations at Interxion Germany since September 2018. In this role, he is responsible for all operational issues of the company.

Falk Wieland draws on 32 years of experience in various IT and infrastructure functions and industries. Since 1999, he has held various management positions, among others as Data Centre Manager at Frankfurt Airport where he was instrumental for production and data centre operation for many years.

Prior to Interxion, he worked as Head of IT & Organisation / Authorized Signatory for a well-known German payment service provider. In a high-availability environment with KRITIS relevance, he was responsible for the design of a new flexible and scalable IT architecture including the management of the service providers.

He thus knows "both" sides of the digital world, on the one hand as a customer in a rapidly digitizing world, on the other hand as a service provider supporting customers and their challenges of digital transformation.