Cloudonomics author Joe Weinman on how cloud is creating a new IT reality

An interview with Joe Weiman, Telex

By: Jelle Frank van der Zwet


In this video our Segment Marketing Manager for Cloud, Jelle Frank (JF) van der Zwet, talks to Joe Weinman, SVP of Cloud Services & Strategy at TelX. Weinman discusses how leveraging cloud technology will enable operational excellence, product leadership and accelerated innovation. Cloud, says Weinman, is “a powerful and compelling capability that will drive benefits to IT shops, CFOs, as well as end users and customers.”

Weinman  explains the benefits of cloud and the value of the pay-per-use model. “When you have a variable or unpredictable demand or you want geographic dispersion and be closer to end users, the smartest way to this is to leverage the cloud for at least part of your strategy. The cloud will not take over everything but I do believe there is always going to be an optimal hybrid and the networks that will tie together all the different facilities.”

Joe Weinman is author of Cloudonomics: the business value of cloud computing. In his book, Weinman provides an in-depth analysis of the effects cloud computing technologies will inevitably have on enterprises across sectors, positioning cloud as the next step in the information revolution.