Trend Predictions 2013 – Digital Media

By Jonthan Wood, Director Of Marketing and Business Development for Digital Media, Interxion

In the last five years alone trends in the consumption of digital media have gone from TV to online, from smartphones to tablets, and back again. Consumers expect premium quality content on demand at the press of a button and, with the rise of online real-time gaming and gambling, consumer expectations have never been higher.  This February we asked Interxion’s Key Speakers to predict the trends that will shape the coming year. Our Director of Marketing and Business Development for Digital Media, Jonathan Wood said:

Video will migrate to the cloud. 2013 will see the launch of end-to-end cloud-based video workflow services. This will allow content owners to leverage the benefits and elasticity of the cloud for live event streaming for the first time. Carrier-neutral data centres will underpin their infrastructure and upstream connectivity.

Cloud Gaming will hit the mainstream. Once the various proprietary technologies are proven in the market, more game publishers will adopt them. Cloud gaming will no longer be restricted to ‘closed’ networks, such as IPTV, and new OTT business models will emerge. The carrier-neutral data centre will become more critical in guaranteeing a premium cloud gaming experience.

Gambling will move onshore. Wider uptake in live casino and ‘in-game’ betting represents a real opportunity for the ‘onshore’ data centre provider like Interxion.  The consistent high performance delivery of real-time video and live interactive services cannot be effectively served from offshore data centres. Hence gambling providers will look at onshore, in-country data centre solutions to guarantee quality of experience for players across Europe.

To learn how Interxion’s data centres are supporting this explosive growth in the visit our digital media sector page.