Interxion Recognised for Seawater Cooling Implementation by Green Enterprise IT Awards

By: Lex Coors

Today, the Uptime Institute announced its annual Green Enterprise IT award program winners and I am very pleased to share that Interxion has been recognised for the retrofit of our Stockholm facility to incorporate seawater cooling. The awards judges – consisting of our industry peers – were impressed that we designed and implemented one of the first seawater cooling systems that not only reduced energy costs on the Stockholm campus by 80 percent, but also lowered our PUE from 1.6 to 1.09. The  judges also noted that this project is likely the only example of seawater cooling that also reuses heat in local community buildings in the world today, making it truly notable in today’s marketplace.

Contributing to global data centre efficiency improvements has always been a huge focus at Interxion, and we are very proud that the Stockholm facility was able to cut carbon emissions by nearly 50 percent with the seawater cooling process. Not every data centre will be eligible for seawater cooling, as it requires that the data centre is built near a large, deep body of water. However, we hope that similar practices to improve efficiency, reduce power demands and slash emissions become the industry norm in the near future.

Look for Interxion at Uptime Institute’s annual Symposium event in Santa Clara, CA, this May, where I’ll be presenting a more in-depth case study on seawater cooling and how it can benefit data centre efficiency efforts.