Rabobank’s success proof-of-concept for big data

Rabobank the Dutch multinational banking and financial services company is starting to deliver on the promise of big data, and is seeing immediate, positive business effects.

In this interview on Meet the Boss tv, Meint Post, Rabobank’s COO, International Direct Bank, discusses how their IT enabled marketing department is making data analysis available in the sales channel, and how this activity is driving their increasing need for storage space.

Rabobank’s success in this area can be seen as proof-of-concept of the effectiveness of big data when applied practically to a unified marketing and sales business strategy, as laid out in our pan-European survey and report Big Data – Beyond the Hype. Rabobank are one of only 25% of European organisations who have developed a business case for big data.

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This Wednesday, 17th of April, Interxion key speaker Ian McVey will be appearing on Meet the Boss TV.

In an in depth interview, Ian will set the challenges which are facing CIOs across the world in a real geo-political, macro-economic context. Importantly, Ian will go into great detail about how to achieve innovation at the micro- scale, and lay down a framework for individual business decision makers.