Cloud pioneer and Founder of Flexiant, Tony Lucas, on ‘Bento Boxes’

By: Jelle Frank van der Zwet

Tony Lucas, Founder and SVP of Product at Flexiant discusses cloud orchestration and the birth of cloud computing. Lucas and his team built the very first European public cloud platform in 2007 and have been a pioneering cloud software provider ever since. He also explains Flexiant’s newest product – ‘Bento Boxes’ – which allow companies to build preconfigured application stacks which deploy complex applications easily in one click.

Flexiant and Interxion partner together with Boston, Supermicro and GTT in the Flexiant Test Lab. This test lab, based in our London Cloud Hub, provides a proof-of-concept environment for testing scenarios. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator lets you develop public, private and hybrid cloud services, is modular and API-driven.

About Flexiant

Flexiant is a leading provider of cloud orchestration software for on-demand, fully automated provisioning of cloud services. Flexiant’s software gives cloud service providers business agility as well as the freedom and flexibility to scale, deploy and configure servers simply and cost-effectively. Vendor agnostic and supporting multiple hypervisors, Flexiant’s proven cloud orchestration solution is a full business process automation suite, from provisioning through to granular metering and billing of resource.