Trend Predictions – Cloud

By: Jelle Frank van der Zwet

Cloud technology has passed an important milestone in the last few years; first from hype to experimentation and testing, to earnest adoption by enterprises and small businesses. But it’s still too soon to call cloud business as usual. As for 2013, our Segment Marketing Manager for Cloud, Jelle Frank van der Zwet predicts that:

Amazon’s market leadership will be tested. Amazon is the market leader, by far, but it’s not the only one in the market. The competition will get stronger and will need to expand its scale to keep up. Microsoft, HP and Google have already taken first steps and will take bigger leaps this year. But it’s too early for them to catch up on Amazon.

Multi-clouds will become the norm. Hybrid clouds will not be only about the combination of public and private but also about multiple public clouds. Hence enterprises and system integrators will have to be able to manage multiple infrastructures.

Enterprise demand will determine the development of hybrid solutions. Creating a world of many clouds will start with private clouds, those private clouds will require on- and off-ramps to the public clouds. Data from the 451 group shows that many organisations appear to be implementing their internal private clouds (42%), while assessing their move to the public cloud (27%). This will also increase the demand for orchestration and automation tools in 2013.

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