Trend Predictions 2013 – Enterprise and Systems Integrators

In the rapidly changing IT environment of recent years, enterprises have had to think in new ways to find the right solutions. Systems Integrators have been presented with the existential challenge of Cloud computing, and enterprises with the management of large and unstructured data sets. 2013 will be no exception to this rule. Looking forward to the year ahead, our Director of Marketing and Business Development for Enterprise and SIs, Ian McVey predicted that:

In IT, growth will remain sluggish. Government fiscal stimulus will continue to drive economic growth and hence moderate growth in IT spending with “recession dipping” being the new normal.

Innovation may be hindered by short-termism. The western business model pressure for growth and global competitiveness will continue to drive short-term tactical activity with less investment in long-term strategic planning.

Long-term innovation strategies will create long-term market leaders. Select companies will create strategic headroom to leverage IT trends in Social, Mobile, Cloud and Big Data, and will become market leaders in the next five years.  Strategy in this area will improve these companies’ ability to assess perceived commodity (such as bandwidth, space and power) as strategic assets and secure access to them, therefore ensuring a source of sustainable competitive advantage into the future.

Systems Integrators

Cloud and big data trends will change the game. Pressure to rethink business models will continue to mount on organisations as the impact of cloud and big data trends is felt across the board. Systems Integrators will have to manage customer flight to lower-cost commodity computing by increasing their articulation of the business value of IT solutions and platforms.

More for less will drive success. Asset-light companies who embed least cost innovation in their working models will win out – particularly those who enable their customers to innovate and create new streams of revenue while at the same time re-platforming and reducing cost.

Those trapped by legacy business models will lose out to nimble new starters. Stranded assets will increasingly drive market consolidation among key vendors as historic margins and profitability is challenged by more nimble new entrants.

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