The hybrid cloud explained

By: Jelle Frank van der Zwet

In this interview with Data Centre Knowledge, Jelle Frank van der Zwet discusses how Interxion works with Systems Integrators to act as cloud migration agents who advise their enterprise customers on how to migrate their applications to the cloud.

“When enterprise IT moves into the cloud all the elements of the cloud come together… because simply if you look at all of the applications that an enterprise uses… you need to decide where to put each application. It’s very logical to put some of those into a public cloud like Amazon or Azure, but others sit better in a private environment.”

“Systems Integrators build public cloud environments for their customers within our data centres, and connect them from a Cross Connect… and also leverage the availability of… Amazon Direct Connect and thereby create a hybrid environment that directly connects into the Amazon cloud. So they are the… the frontrunners in what we call the hybrid or multi cloud environment.”

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